A report about the ASD simulator workshop has been published

A report about the ASD simulator workshop, which was held in Miyagawa medical reformatory, Mie in November 2019, has been published (Japanese only): 中日新聞, “発達障害を体感し支援 見づらい聞きづらい… VRで,” 2019年12月14日. [HP] LITALICO発達ナビ, “医療少年院の職員と少年がASDのある人の知覚世界をVR体験–知的障害や発達障害がある少年たちの支援での配慮を考えるワークショップを開催,” 2019年12月27日. [HP]

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Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence has been published

Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence, to which Proj. Prof. Nagai contributed, has been published. She describes cognitive development in robots based on predictive coding. Yukie Nagai, “8.8 Cognitive Development in Robots based on Predictive Coding,” Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence (third edition), H. Nakashima et al. (Eds.), Kindai Kagaku, pp. 222-224, December 2019. [HP]

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A review article on computational psychiatry is published

The following review article about computational psychiatry has been published in Neural Networks. It provides a comprehensive summary of computational modeling of schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorder: Pablo Lanillos, Daniel Oliva, Anja Philippsen, Yuichi Yamashita, Yukie Nagai, and Gordon Cheng, “A Review on Neural Network Models of Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorder,” Neural Networks, online available. [HP]

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JSAI Annual Conference Award

The following paper co-authored by Ms. Yuri Etani (Kyoto University), Prof. Masako Myowa (Kyoto University), and Proj. Prof. Yukie Nagai has received JSAI Annual Conference Award: Yuri Etani, Yukie Nagai, Konstantinos Theofilis, and Masako Myowa, “Influence of Eye Blink Mimicry and Interoceptive Awareness on Human-Robot Interaction,” in Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, […]

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