Kyoichiro Kobayashi

Master course student , Osaka University
Email: kyoichiro.kobayashi [AT]

I am interested in human intelligence and communication abilities with artificial systems. People can estimate intention and internal representations of other people, which are not expressed by observable gestures or speech. Furthermore, they can adapt to and compensate the internal representations even when a gap exists between their own representations and those of others. In order to understand the underlying mechanism and implement it into artificial systems, I aim to build a computational neural network model that recognizes others’ behaviors and flexibly responds to them by resolving the discrepancies.



April 2017 – present Master course student, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
March 2017 Bachelor of Information Science and Engineering, Yamaguchi University


  • Winner of the Best Presentation Award, FY2008 Yamaguchi University Department of Information Science and Engineering Graduation thesis review board (March 2017)
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