Investigating human cognition

The research aims of Nagai Group include understanding and assisting human cognitive development by means of constructive approach.







Research activity


HAI 2017 Best Student Paper Award

The following paper co-authored by Mr. Horii and Dr. Nagai has received Best Student Paper Award at HAI 2017: Takato Horii, Yukie Nagai, and Minoru Asada, “Active Perception based on Energy Minimization in Multimodal Human-robot Interaction,” in Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, pp. 103-110, October 17-20, 2017. Please visit this link for the list of the […]

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ICDL-EpiRob 2017 Workshop

Dr. Yukie Nagai is going to give two invited talks in workshops at ICDL-EpiRob 2017 to be held in Lisbon, Portugal on September 18-21, 2017. Please attend the workshops if you are interested. ICDL-EpiRob2017 WS on “The Development of the Self: from self-perception to interaction under uncertainty” ICDL-EpiRob2017 WS on “Computational Models for Crossmodal Learning”

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