Creativity in the Brain

How does creativity emerge in the brain? Creativity sometimes triggers innovation in science, technology, and arts, creating historical shifts in human society. However, it remains debatable how creativity emerges in the brain and how it can be enhanced. By neural experiment (EEG/MEG, TMS, fMRI) and computational modeling, this study tries to elucidate the mechanisms of creativity in the brain (Daikoku, Wiggins & Nagai, 2021; Daikoku, 2019; 2021). Refer to Dr. Tatsuya Daikoku’s homepage for more details.

Creativity in Music and Language

A growing body of evidence has suggested that domain-general learning contributes to creativity in music and language. The domain-general learning is an innate and implicit function of the human brain and is considered essential for brain development. Through this learning system, humans can produce and comprehend structured information, such as music and language. This study examines how creativity emerges from the domain-general learning in the brain.

Developmental and Environmental Factors That Influence Human Creativity

Creativity is influenced by the external environment and brain development. This study aims at understanding what types of developmental and environmental factors can enhance human creativity.

Feedback System to Understand and Enhance an Individuality of Own Creativity

Each of human creativity has individuality. We devise a computational algorithm that visualizes the individuality of creativity. Further, we develop a feedback system to understand and enhance the individuality of own creativity (Daikoku, US2019018910; 大黒, 特許第6722165号).

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