Beyond AI AI x Tojisha-Kenkyu

Beyond AI Research Institute “AI x Tojisha-Kenkyu: Computational Neuroscience for Systematic Understanding of Cognitive Individuality”
(Research Director: Yukie Nagai, Period: 2020.7-2023.03)

With the rapid increase in the number of children with developmental disorders, neurodiversity is expected to achieve by changing disabilities to individualities.

This project aims to develop artificial intelligent (AI) systems that reveal cognitive individuality by integrating AI research with Tojisha-kenkyu. The AI research investigates neural mechanisms of developmental disorders by means of computational approach. Tojisha-kenkyu examines underlying mechanisms of developmental disorders by analyzing subjective experiences from the first-person perspective. Integrating these complementary approaches enables to systematically understand the principle of cognitive individuality, which can be applied to neurofeedback and biofeedback for conscious control of individuality.

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