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In press / to appear

Articles in Journals

  • Anja Philippsen and Yukie Nagai, “A predictive coding account for cognition in human children and chimpanzees: A case study of drawing,” IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, online available.
  • Serkan Bugur, Erhan Oztop, Yukie Nagai, and Emre Ugur, “Effect regulated projection of robot’s action space for production and prediction of manipulation primitives through learning progress and predictability based exploration,” IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, online available.

Peer-Reviewed International Conferences (Short Paper)

  • Anja Philippsen, Sho Tsuji, and Yukie Nagai, “Developmental changes in drawing ability: Comparing adult ratings and convolutional neural network analysis,” in Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, April 7-9, 2021.


  • Yukie Nagai, “Predictive coding for cognitive development,” Encyclopedia of Robotics, M. H. Ang, O. Khatib, and B. Siciliano (Eds.), Springer, in press.
  • Yukie Nagai, “Chapter 18: Social Cognition,” Cognitive Robotics, A. Cangelosi and M. Asada (Eds.), MIT Press, in press.
  • Yukie Nagai, “Developmental Robotics,” Robotics Handbook (3rd edition) (in Japanese), The Robotics Society of Japan (Ed.), Corona Publishing, in press.

Invited Talks

  • Yukie Nagai, “TBA,” Tenth International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making, Paris, France, May 10-12, 2021.
  • Yukie Nagai, “Robot Intelligence Inspired by Human Intelligence,” IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Safety for Robotics, Nagoya, Japan, March 4-6, 2021. (Online)
  • Yukie Nagai, “Predictive Coding: A Unified Theory for Human and Robot Cognitive Development,” Talk Series at Queen Mary University of London, London, UK, February 5, 2021. (Online)
  • Yukie Nagai, “TBA,” The 44th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society, Kobe, Japan, July 28-31, 2021.
  • Yukie Nagai, “TBA,” The 24th Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding, Nagoya, Japan, July 27-30, 2021.
  • Yukie Nagai, “TBA,” NEDO “TSC Foresight” Online Seminar, Tokyo, February 10, 2021. (Online)
  • Yukie Nagai, “TBA,” METI Workshop on Medium- and Long-Term Robotics Research, Tokyo, February 3, 2021. (Online)


Invited Talks

  • Yukie Nagai, “Computational modeling of cognitive development based on predictive coding,” Leap Brainstorm, January 20, 2021. (Online)
  • Yukie Nagai, “Does Predictive Coding Provide a Unified Theory of Artificial Intelligence?,” International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence – Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Japan, January 7-15, 2021. (Online)
  • Yukie Nagai, “Simulators that Visualize Atypical Visual Perception in ASD,” Doshisha University, Kyoto, January 18, 2021. (Online)
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